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    Our Peugeot 2008 ..engine of the year model!- was 2 months outside the guarantee period,when the spark plug sheered off apparently and flew in to the engine and completely wrecked it! Despite an incident 2 months inside the guarantee period when the computer said there was an engine problem, the garage said they could find no problem.

    After 118 days without a car, whilst it sat in the dealership’s workshop, we were then given our car back supposedly with a new engine and we paid our agreed share of the cost of a new engine. As we left the garage I asked if it was a new engine and was told it was reconditioned!

    Is this fraud? Is this fair? Is this a reasonable occcurence with a car which had only done 20,000 miles in 2 years and 2 months!?

    The car had only been serviced by the dealership from whom it was originally purchased, so I am presuming the fault lies with them, as it appears that either the spark plug was faulty from the start- or that the mixture was wrong thus causing the spark plug to fail.

    I would be glad of any input on this scenario.

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