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    Hello Together,

    Dacia official Dealers at Portugal are informing customers about a Dacia Recall related with an airbag failure on driver’s side. This issue could lead airbag “inflator” to not operate properly during an accident.

    A read some conversations on a German Forum about the same problem, but I cannot find info, particularly official info anywhere.

    Vehicles already on the road are being prioritized, but new vehicles are stocked in the dealer without order to be delivered to the customers.

    Have you additional notices about similar cases?
    Thank you in advance,

     Roman Beranek

    Hi Miguel,
    Could it not be related to this?


    Hi Roman, Thank you for the info suggested.
    Regarding my initial post, I’m talking about models like Logan MCV Facelift 2017/2018.
    If it is related with that previous Duster issue, I do not know.


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