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    Hi I have a Dacia Logan mcv the car went in for its second service 18 thousand miles i was promptly told the car needed new disc and pads, i told them dont be so stupid at that milage that was ridiculous, i have been a mechanic now for quite a few years and have never heard of such a low milage for disc to wear out,when i asked how much would new disc and pads would be i was told £400 i then laughed and told them just to fit pads, the car has now developed a clutch judder after a few miles it goes i went back to the dealer and was told it needed a new clutch and that would be £1000 this was at 20 thousand miles,I then went on the Dania forum and found that quite a few people have had the same problems, I then informed customer services at Renault and was promptly told read the warranty so I did it seems that the warranty is not worth the paper it is written on,if it does not break it is not covered I was appalled at the treat meant my wife and myself got at the dealership,as we live quite away from the dealership I asked do they have a courtesy car we could use I was told no but we can hire you a car I was taken back by this,you buy a new car in the hope it does not go wrong,we are more than pleased with the car but the service is appalling it seems when you are playing out the dealer’s are happy,but when it is warranty work you get any excuse for them to get out of it manybthanx for reading this from a very disappointed dacia customer

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