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If you think, your Volkswagen has a serious defect that affects the safety of the vehicle, report it to the Volkswagen Dealer immediately. If you’re not happy with how the Volkswagen Dealer is dealing with your report, in the UK you should contact the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

But before that, you can describe the fault of your Volkswagen in our forum. Maybe some other VW owner will learn that he experienced the same issue. Multiple occurrences of identical defects mean a better chance of success in a complaint filed with the DVSA. Our website is visited by Volkswagen owners from all over the world.

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  1. I have a VW Tiguan ’08 and the following issues have been picked up by the computer and ultimately this has failed on the MOT. It is apparently going to cost in excess of £1000+

    1) P2563 Turbo charger boost control position sensor – requires a turbo boost actuator
    2) P2015 Intake Manifold Flap position sensor- requires a complete intake manifold including the flap position sensor

    My mechanic advised that these faults were a recall in Canada. His email states

    “After googling the fault code, I came across a thread from a guy in Canada who stated that there was a recall at Volkswagen for this actual fault! By all accounts, it is known in the dealer simply as “a flapper mod!”.

    Volkswagen apparently extended the warranty on the above fault for 10 years or 193k kilometres as stated in the screen shot attached!

    I have attached a screen shot of the thread I came across on the day!

    It would appear the vehicle requires a complete intake manifold, and an inlet manifold flap position sensor to rectify, the chances are, the manifold flaps are jammed within the manifold (but of course, I would need to remove the manifold to be 100% on this)

    There is also a fault stored in the memory regarding the turbo boost control position sensor (fault code P2563).
    To rectify this fault, I am quietly confident that the vehicle will need a new turbo actuator at this stage, worst case, it may require a complete turbo.


    I am a little bit freaking out with this and the costs involved and wondered if anyone has had any similar issues and if they are a recall in UK or if the Canadian recall is good enough for VW to deal with this??

    This did not used to be an MOT fail but since last year (I believe) any computer faul need to be cleared for it to pass.

    Any help or advice would be most appreciated.
    Many thanks in advance.

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