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If you think, your Peugeot has a serious defect that affects the safety of the vehicle, report it to the Peugeot Dealer immediately. If you’re not happy with how the Peugeot Dealer is dealing with your report, in the UK you should contact the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

But before that, you can describe the fault of your Peugeot in our forum. Maybe some other Peugeot owner will learn that he experienced the same issue. Multiple occurrences of identical defects mean a better chance of success in a complaint filed with the DVSA. Our website is visited by Peugeot owners from all over the world.

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  1. MY Wife ordered a Peugeot 2008 automatic in may this year, I drive it and have found frequently when I go to get it out of the garage there is a damp patch just opposite the rear offside wheel annoyingly it doesn’t happen all the time. the Peugeot garage had it in over night, but it didn’t happen,I am having it in again, tonight to see if it happens in their garage. any one had this problem

  2. Good afternoon,

    I took my Peugeot 208 (it’s 2012 or 2013) with 54 thousand miles on the clock to a garage for its MOT. They hooked it up for its emissions test and it smoked out the entire garage and they said its dangerous. They think that there might be a manufacturing problem with the engine, because of the age of the vehicle and how many miles that it’s done.
    What do I need to do to resolve this and who do I contact? I need the most help as possible.

    thank you


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