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If you think, your Honda has a serious defect that affects the safety of the vehicle, report it to the Honda Dealer immediately. If you’re not happy with how the Honda Dealer is dealing with your report, in the UK you should contact the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

But before that, you can describe the fault of your Honda in our forum. Maybe some other Honda owner will learn that he experienced the same issue. Multiple occurrences of identical defects mean a better chance of success in a complaint filed with the DVSA. Our website is visited by Honda owners from all over the world.

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  1. Hi.
    A few weeks ago 4 warning lights on my HR-V dashboard came on; the EP light, engin management light, orange and red (flashing) handbrake light. The automatic handbrake would no longer release automatically.
    The error code is P2A01 : O2 sensor circuit range/performance bank 1 sensor 2.
    My local Honda dealer did an update charged me £114 for an hour work but the 4 lights came back on after 35 miles!!
    Since they’ve quoted me £417 for a new sensor + £57 labour.
    Since I’ve received a recall 6ER for accumulation of sulphur in the catalyst. Coincidence??
    Honda tell’s me that it’s not related. Is it not? What is the rear O2 sensor for? What is it suppose to detect and which light on the dashboard would it trigger?

    I’ve reset the lights on the dash but they keep coming back.
    Has anyone come across this issue before?
    Did the replacement of the AF2 sensor fix the fault?
    Could the recall and the update of the ECU solve the issue on it’s own?



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